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What we do is immersive blended learning

When it comes to making laws for the European Union, how do you speak for your compatriots? When is it wise to stand firm, or necessary to compromise – and how do you actually go about it? 

Often, these subjects are thought to be beyond the reach of high school students and even some of their parents. Most of us accept that we live in and are being ruled by systems that are very difficult to understand.

Communico’s products make a difference. They are based on the didactics of Live Action Role Plays, LARPs, an educational method the Nordic countries have used successfully for years.

We combine LARPs with web applications to transform students into committed actors dealing with lawmaking in the EU, fighting poverty as a coffee farmer, or selling futures at the stock exchange etc.


We use privacy by design to protect students' data. Only strictly necessary information is gathered while the game is running, and this information is then deleted within 72 hours.  


Europe at Work

Europe at Work is an Edu-LARP in the Europe Alive series. The game takes the form of a web application that allows  70-250 students to experience the EU legislative process through a role-playing game in their school.


Through the duration of one school day the students will:

  • get a hands-on experience of the EU curriculum.

  • grapple with new and accessible ways of learning.

  • discover how and why the EU works the way it does.

  • achieve core social science learning goals.


Communico's experience with Edu-LARPs started already in 2012 when our parent company, Dansk Kommunikation, took the first steps to develop ToughRoad, an event-driven game about global poverty seen through the lens of coffee trade.

ToughRoad demonstrated the power of digital Edu-LARPs in engaging hundreds of students in complex social issues. Since then, we have fine-tuned our methods, and Communico has been founded to focus fully on the Edu-LARP realm.

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